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Here at Eduno we are dedicated to spreading the message of sustainability through fashion! We try to convey the message of sustainability through our clothing ranges through our unique style.

All our fashion is made from organic FAIR TRADE fabrics and materials, this is to ensure a low carbon footprint for our clothing as well as helping to provide people in developing countries with  sustainable development and a fair wage.
We also never use toxic ink when printing our designs. With all our clothing we always make sure that we use a non toxic, biodegradable and sustainable water based ink to get our designs and message across the inks that we use are organic and water based that does not contain any chemicals that could potentially be harmful to the environment. Water based inks may cost more to use however we believe that the cost to the environment using cheaper Plastisol inks is just not worth it!

Things you should know when you shop with us…

Get your fashion quickly!

We dispatch all your orders here on Eduno the same or next working day! We have a cheap fixed postage fee of £2 (the more you order the more money you save on delivery costs) and we use the royal mail delivery service for fast and reliable delivery!

Secure Payment!

All payments made on this store are made through PayPal which is a widely used and secure payment system.

Get a full refund if you are not 100% happy!

If you find that you are not totally satisfied with a purchase (for whatever reason) you can return it to us within 20 days and get a full refund! It is that easy.

You can read more about our Policies here at EdunOnline here!

Shop anywhere!

You don’t have to be sat on your computer to browse or even order from our site. Our site is fully mobile responsive meaning you can browse our site and place order wherever you maybe quickly and easily!


Be sure to check out our blog to find out all the latest about our fashion, products and our mission!